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Impulse Hammer WaveHitMAX

The invention of the first smart impact hammer provides new ways of mechanical excitation for structural dynamic applications. Smart means that the device processes its signals internally.


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The modal hammer WaveHitMAX guarantees fully automatic, reproducible and high-precision excitation of the test object without double hits. The user can set the number of hits, impact force and the delay between hits accounting for different degrees of damping / delay times. All presettings like zero point or impact force search are made automatically by the hammer. Manual adjustment by the user is no longer necessary.

WaveHitMAX has new features compared to semi-automatic impact hammers. The advantages of internal signal processing are:

  • Fully automatic single hits
  • Automatic search for user-defined impact force
  • Automatic zero point search
  • Validation of the impact for quality assurance
  • Change of the position between hammer and test object without new setup

The WaveHitMAX can be operated quickly and easily by the included software on a Windows enabled device (PC or tablet) through the Ethernet.

It is the tool of choice for:

  • Production
  • Modal testing
  • Acoustic resonance analysis

gfai tech guarantee a fully automatic, reproducible and highly precise excitation free of any bouncing and annoying parameter adjustments or tunings. This smart device called WaveHitMAX does these adjustments for you just automatically.


Benefits include:

  • Automatic zero point search
  • Reproducible single hit excitation
  • Internal sensor evaluation and process control
  • Automatic impact force search and adjustment
  • Changes in position are automatically anticipated
  • Configuration of the pulse properties by accessories
  • Trigger functionality via remote control or integration into the customer system
  • Designed and assembled in Germany. From the printed circuit board up to the final assembly
  • CE certified


  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Acoustic resonance testing
  • Condition monitoring
  • Material testing
  • Impact hammer testing
  • Frequency response function testing

System Integration

  • Software: Use the WaveHitMAX within your software. The WaveHit API (Application Programming Interface) for C++ helps you to integrate the full range of functions into your own application with little effort. A MATLAB® interface is coming soon.
  • Hardware: Use the WaveHitMAX together with your automation technology. The impulse hammer can be triggered directly via photoelectric sensors or controlled via programmable logic control.



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