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Mikado Acoustic Camera

The Mikado Acoustic system is perfectly suited for trouble-shooting sound and vibration problems. The mobile, wireless device enables very flexible measuring positions and angles, allowing the quick and efficient identification of noise sources using acoustic signals.

From acoustic data acquisition to data analysis, this innovative handheld device offers it all in one. The Mikado comes outfitted with all components for acoustic measurements, data acquisition and data analysis. Thus, sound sources can be localised and analysed on the spot. The exchangeable Li-ion battery and Surface Pro tablet make it a completely autonomous device.

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Microphone Array

Randomised and algorithmically optimised distribution of microphone positions ensure high dynamics. Therefore, 96 digital MEMS microphones are distributed over a 35 cm diameter surface.

Data Acquisition

On-board data acquisition is provided via the brand new DMC402L data recorder, developed by gfai tech in Berlin.

Sound Analysis

Your data can be analysed in real-time, right on the spot: NoiseImage Mobile running on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet allows efficient data recording and evaluation. For further analysis, your data can be transferred onto a workstation running NoiseImage4.


In battery powered mode this Acoustic Camera will run for up to three hours on one battery.

Practical features such as the touchpad and the trigger button on the handle ensure fast localisation and documentation of the sound sources. This guarantees ease of use while in the field. Time and effort are further reduced as Mikado comes in a practical carry-case, all set up and ready to go. This device ensures good results for any Acoustic Camera user – and turns beginners into experts.

Array-body dimensions 45 x 35 x 15 cm
1.7 kg (3.4 kg incl. battery and Microsoft® Surface)
Video Camera Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Microphones MEMS (Knowles)
Frequency response 100 Hz – 5 kHz (< 0.5 dB)
100 Hz – 11 kHz (< 3 dB)
Max. sound pressure level 121 dB at 10% THD
Noise level 30 dB(A)
Sensitivity (1 kHz, 94 dB SPL) -26 dBFS
Channels 96
Recommended measurement distance > 0.3 m
Acoustic maps from … 9 dB – 120 dB
Recommended mapping frequencies 514 Hz – 24 kHz
Dynamic range
(Distance to the source: 1 m;
calculation points: 90,000)
15 dB – 27 dB, up to 50 dB with
Advanced Algorithms
Ingress protection code IP20
Operating environment 0°C – 35°C, up to 80% RH


Introducing The Renew 1:
A solar only power solution using a 115W solar panel together
with a 38Ah deep cycle battery. Ideal for running systems requiring lower power such as the SV 307 noise monitor under typical environmental conditions.