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Arrays for 2D measurements

The 2D measurement arrays from gfai tech is for use with their full Acoustic Camera System. Depending on their size, Ring Arrays provide 32, 48 or 72 microphone channels. This type of array is suitable for various 2D beamforming applications. They can be used for far-field and near-field measurements, indoors and outdoors.


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All arrays are a custom made carbon fibre construction to assure lightweight and stability. They are therefore easily transportable and assures a constant microphone position over a long time.

Ring32 AC Pro

32 channel system for various measurement scenarios in 2D
This ring array is a 32 channel measurement system primarily designed for applications in acoustic laboratories but is also used in a wide variety of other applications and environments, such as component testing and troubleshooting.
The lightweight carbon fibre array-body is designed as slim as possible to also be used in difficult to access measurement environments and to ensure easy handling.
The geometry of the Ring32 ensures robust performance and minimal aliasing effects.

Ring48 AC Pro

48 channel system for universal application
This ring array is a 48-channel measurement system, which is the most popular and universal microphone array in the portfolio. It is especially used in the field of fault detection and quality control.
The custom made carbon fibre array-body ensures easy handling and precise array positioning due to its low weight. Furthermore, the geometry secures the greatest versatility and best possible local resolution of the acoustic map.

Ring72 AC Pro

72 channel system for various measurement scenarios
This 72 channel ring array is designed for applications in acoustic labs and the free field. The lightweight array-body is designed as slim as possible and is made of aluminium. This ensures easy handling and accurate microphone positioning. Depending on your requirements, 100 cm and 140 cm versions can also be provided.


48 channel system for various measurement scenarios
This Star array is a 48 channel measurement system designed for outdoor applications. The lightweight aluminium array-body is designed as slim as possible to ensure easy handling and accurate microphone positioning. The included high-end tripod allows set-up in almost any measurement environment imaginable.

Fibonacci AC Pro

72 / 96 / 120 channel system for beamforming and holography applications
The Fibonacci array represents a new array family allowing near field and far-field measurements with the same hardware. Two Baumer VLG22c cameras (one with an extra wide-angle lens for near field measurements) provide optimal reference images. The application area of this array ranges from 30 Hz for holography measurements to 25 kHz for beamforming measurements.

Evo AC Pro

Mobile array for wind tunnel applications
As required, the Evo AC Pro is comprised of 96 to 168 microphone channels and provides the highest definition and acoustic dynamic for wind tunnel applications. It was specially developed for identifying aerodynamically created sounds. This microphone array offers cutting-edge technology in the field of aeroacoustics.


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