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Available in several versions (measurement range: ±2g or ±10g), the BeanDevice® AX-3D is a wireless accelerometer with integrated data logger.
Characterized by a waterproof (IP67/Nema 6) and a lightweight aluminum casing (80x55x21mm, 155g), an ultra-low power (30 µA in sleeping mode), an integrated data logger that can store up to 1 million data logs, as well as a tiny radome omni antenna enabling a maximum wireless range of 650 meters (L.O.S.), this wireless accelerometer is well suited for all types of industrial applications.
While the vast majority of wireless sensors are not suitable for harsh industrial environment, the BeanDevice® AX-3Dintegrates an innovative antenna diversity design, boosting the radio link quality in environments subject to random and diverse disturbances. Antenna Diversity improves both the quality and reliability of a wireless link by 30%.
The combination of a high performance accelerometer and a 5th order anti-aliasing filter (remotely programmable by the user) enables a very low noise operation (45 µg/√Hz for the ±2g version).
Our outstanding TimeSync® function allows to reach a time-synchronization of ±2.5ms over the wireless sensor networks. It contributes to enhance user experience about data fusion and modal analysis.
The BeanScape® (except Manager version), a supervision software dedicated to Beanair WSN comes with a vibration analysis report:
• Vibration analysis tools: FFT, PPV (Peak Particle Velocity), Velocity
• Automatic report meeting the DIN4150-3 standard (Excel, PDF and Word)Users looking for a quick and easy integration with a third party software, have choice between ModBus TCP/RTU/ASCIIprotocol available on our BeanGateway® or OPC DA available on our BeanScape® (Premium+ & Cloud versions only).
This BeanDevice® AX-3D is suitable for the following applications:• Dynamic measurement on rolling stock
• Condition monitoring
• Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
• Vibration analysis