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Microtech Gefell: The Old New Kid on the Block

In 1928, Georg Neumann in Berlin made the world’s first condenser microphone, and his company became legendary in the world of studio microphones and music recording, and still today, the famous U87 microphone is a standard in that field.

After Germany was split by the Iron Curtain after the war, his company moved to Gefell, near Dresden, and what became Microtech Gefell (MTG) was born. During the cold war years, MTG supplied their range of high-quality measurement microphones to the Eastern Bloc.

After re-unification, their microphone technology became available to a western audience, and were supplied to OEM customers such as CEL/Casella, Castle and later Svantek and Sinus, gaining a reputation for quality and accuracy.

Supplying measurement microphones in a world dominated by Danish companies is always a challenge, but one which MTG has risen to, with now a wide range of capsules, preamplifiers and other hardware, including intensity probes and calibrators, generally at more competitive prices.

MTG is not just a me-too company either. The technology has been continually developed and is now the go-to choice for advanced measurement systems such as Svantek’s SV200A monitoring station and 977A Class 1 sound level meters, and Sinus’ Apollo acquisition units.

An example of the technology can be seen in the new MV 240 preamplifier, which supports either prepolarised or 200V microphones, with 2 x 24bit converters covering the range 7-160dB in one hit. The output is a 32bit stream via USB, which also provides power.

AcSoft is proud to become MTG’s distributor in the UK, providing high quality and reasonably priced alternatives, with no compromise in reliability and accuracy. Contact us for more information.



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