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How to Get the Best Out of SvanNET: Tips and Tricks

SvanNET is an online solution that supports multi-point connection with Svantek’s noise & vibration monitoring stations including SV 307A and SV 803, along with partner products such as the Airly dust unit. To ensure the reliability and data security the SvanNET has been located on the Microsoft Azure™, the cloud platform working through global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

SvanNET offers automatic control of measurement points, data sharing with other SvanNET users as well as data preview in the form of a customised website with either public or restricted access. The preview website can be customised with a logo and individual project name. Access to the preview can be either open to the public or protected by a password.

To support vibration, dust and noise monitoring SvanNET provides online connection services such as a web interface, access to data files in the monitoring station and status alarms. SvanNET is an online solution which means it doesn’t require software installation and is accessible through a web browser. Connection over SvanNET allows users to use a web browser on any device such as mobile phone or tablet to watch real-time measurement results, download measurement files and configure the station settings.

In this webinar we will walk you through the SvanNET interface and cover recently released features such as how to make us of the manage templates feature and how the new heat map functionality can be used for section 61 compliance, to name a few.

Watch how to get the best out of SvanNET: Tips and Tricks webinar on demand now.

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