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AcSoft Introduces Noisepad Acoustics & Vibration Analyser

Combination of robust 8” tablet and DSP-based analyser is ideal for range of occupational health and environmental monitoring applications

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of sound and vibration instrumentation and software, AcSoft has introduced the latest NoisePAD four-channel real time Acoustics & Vibration Analyser from SINUS. The combination of robust 8” tablet and DSP-based analyser is ideal for a range of automotive, NVH, aerospace, aeroacoustic, building acoustic and environmental monitoring applications, as well as engineering services, quality assurance and research and development.

When used in conjunction with the flexible Sinus SAMURAI™ software, NoisePAD is a four-channel sound level meter with real-time, third-octave filters and FFT-analyser. The measurement system allows the recording of audio signals up to 20 kHz bandwidth.

All connectors are protected against water and dust with rubber protection cups allowing the NoisePAD to be used outdoors as well as in the office with 12 hour operation and on board 4G, GPS and WiFi.

With bright TFT display, a very low power consumption and full connectivity, the NoisePAD unites the performance of a high quality measuring device with the functionality of a modern Windows tablet PC.

The universal SAMURAI 3.0 software package offers real time noise and vibration analysis offers comprehensive evaluation functions for post-processing. The Base package includes data recorder and FFT analyser.

The acoustic bundle comprises Class 1 sound level meter allowing simultaneous measurements with the frequency weightings A, C, Z and the time weightings Fast, Slow and Impulse.

The sound level meter also supports the processing of percentiles, automatic impulse detection, impulsive and low frequency characteristics as well as markers and triggers. The acoustic bundle also includes 1/3 octave analyser and reverberation time measurement.

The vibration bundle includes additional transfer FRF, vibration meter, Zoom FFT and Order tracking.

A number of software options are available for SAMURAI 3.0 including post processing, automation, building acoustics, building vibration measurement, fractional octaves, NoiseCam, tracking, room acoustic measurement and sound intensity and sound power.

The latest NoisePAD meets a range of standards: IEC 61260 (class 1 filter); DIN EN SO 8041, ISO-2631, ISO 5349, ISO 8662 UNI 2614, UNI 11048 and UNI 9916 (HVMA weighting filters); DIN ISO 7919, ISO 2954 and ISO 10816 (evaluation of mechanical vibration) and IP54 rated with Lemo NIM-CAMAC protecting caps.




Minimal size and weight make the NoisePAD a perfect fit for multichannel acquisition mobile applications

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