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Top 4 Challenges Faced by Air Quality Consultants

What Are the Top 4 Challenges That Air Quality Consultants Face and What Have We Done to Resolve Them?

  1. Traditional air quality monitoring systems are often prone to air flow warnings and failures, which leads to huge loss of data, time, money and ultimately reputation
  2. Systems take over six weeks to be calibrated, leading to excessive hire costs to cover the system downtime and travel expenses of swapping systems in and out on site
  3. The systems on the market are extremely expensive, starting from £5,000
  4. Systems have relied on older style data servers, leading to many weeks of “offline” systems. This creates uncertainty and worry for the project team, stakeholders and the consultant. Also, traditional air quality monitoring systems had to have a filter changes every three months leading to huge costs and resources maintaining systems on site.


What we have done to resolve these issues using the new MCERTS Airly monitoring system?

  1. The Airly air quality monitoring system doesn’t reply on the airflow. This ensures that airflow related issues are eliminated, and as a result your time, reputation and financial investments remain secure. Calibrating the airflow of a system is also a not a requirement when using Airly systems
  2. Airly calibrates itself using smart online technology: The Airly connects itself to a local reference (highest grade of air quality monitor) to run a system check and adjusts its levels accordingly. This means the Airly always stays on site collecting data and removes the costs of maintenance
  3. The Airly unit starts at only £1,000.
  4. The Airly uses only the best in cloud data servers, making them more robust with minimal downtime


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Airly has MCERTS certification for both PM2.5 and PM10

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