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Dust Monitoring in Cities

It’s evident that the changing regulations and increasing concerns about air pollution in London have led to significant shifts in the requirements for monitorin The Mayor’s focus on addressing air pollution is driving these changes, and this has impactedg particulate matter from construction and demolition activities. instrumentation suppliers like AcSoft. 


AcSoft and similar suppliers have been required to adapt to these changes by providing cost-effective and robust solutions that can measure both PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter from a single instrument. This requirement aims to capture a more comprehensive picture of air quality, considering not only construction site dust but also exhaust emissions from plant vehicles and generators. 


In response to these needs, AcSoft has looked for solutions that can offer multiple benefits, such as measuring various parameters beyond just particulate matter. The Airly particulate remote monitor, in this case, has gained significance due to its MCERTS certification for PM2.5 and PM10 by the CSA group. This certification provides a level of assurance about the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. 


One notable advantage of the Airly system is its capability to measure additional parameters like smaller particulates and gases, making it a versatile option for comprehensive air quality monitoring. Additionally, the ability to power the system using a small solar panel is a crucial aspect. This addresses the challenges associated with powering dust measurement systems, which are known to consume a significant amount of power. The reliance on solar panels not only makes the system cost-effective but also aligns with the environmentally friendly approach required to combat air pollution. 


The affordability of the Airly system compared to other MCERTS-certified systems and its reduced reliance on larger solar panels further enhance its appeal. The lifetime warranties and strong customer support offered by Airly and Svantek contribute to making these options the preferred choices for those seeking effective dust monitoring solutions in the city. 


Overall, the evolving regulatory landscape and increased emphasis on air quality improvement have driven suppliers like AcSoft to find and supply innovative and efficient ways to provide accurate and comprehensive data while minimizing the environmental impact of monitoring activities. The Airly system’s capabilities align well with these requirements, positioning it as a strong contender in the field of air quality monitoring for construction and demolition activities in London. 




Airly has MCERTS certification for both PM2.5 and PM10

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