ME’scope is a series of software packages and options that make it easier for you to post-process experimental noise & vibration data, analyse and display the data in animation. ME’scope helps you solve a variety of vibration & vibro-acoustic problems. With ME’scope options, you can also monitor machinery and structures over long time periods, and be notified when vibration or noise levels have exceeded prescribed levels.


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Multi-channel time or frequency data can be imported from disk files, or directly from a machine or structure. The industry-leading photo-realistic interactive 3D shape animation allows you to observe order-related operating deflection shapes from running machinery, resonant vibration and mode shapes from real structures, vibro-acoustic shapes, and engineering data of any kind derived directly from experimental data. ME’scope contains state of the art tools for performing:

  • ODS, Mode Shape, & Vibro-Acoustic Animation
  • FRF-Based Modal Analysis
  • Operational Modal Analysis
  • Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
  • Dynamics Modelling & Simulation
  • Structural Dynamics Modification
  • Experimental FEA
  • Rotating Machine Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Qualification Testing

With ME’scope, you start with the basic Visual ODS package and add features to it by choosing from among 10 different types of VES options. Any VES option can be added to any ME’scope package to increase its capability. Options include: Advanced Signal Processing, Basic Modal Analysis, Multi-Reference Modal Analysis, Operational Modal Analysis, Vibro-Acoustic Analysis, Dynamics Modeling & Simulation. Structural Dynamics Modification, and Experimental FEA.

ME;scope has four series of packages:

  • Visual Engineering Series
  • Machine Surveillance Series
  • Environmental Surveillance Series
  • Qualification Testing Series

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