Meet AQCURA: the solution that combines cutting-edge sensor technology and advanced machine learning to objectively identify manufacturing defects and determine product quality. AQCURA is set to change the field of End of line quality control testing.


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AQCURA provides a contactless measurement solution capable of characterising complex vibro-acoustic problems across a broad frequency, ranging from 20Hz up to 10kHz. The unique properties offered by the Microflown particle velocity sensor in terms of natural background noise reduction, in combination with a simple yet effective soundproof enclosure, enable AQCURA to perform acoustic measurements in loud factory conditions with ease. Providing an elegant and low-maintenance solution suitable for testing products in any manufacturing environment. While eliminating the need for expensive robotic test stands. Due to its simplicity, AQCURA can be efficiently integrated into existing manufacturing lines.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Simple instrumentation: contactless sensors
  • Automated objective testing
  • Detects airborne and structure borne defects
  • Traditional, artificial intelligence & machine learning tests
  • Psychoacoustic prediction
  • Controllable with an external control unit
  • Simple and informative interface
  • Automatic reporting for traceability
  • Database storage


AQCURA software exists out of two main software modules, the manager and the tester. The manager module is used by an operator where can custom or pre-programmed testing routines can be defined. Once the routines are defined the manager hands a list of instructions that will be executed automatically by the tester module. The tester then executes the testing routines. AQCURA excels in flexibility; it can be used in combination with any sensor or testing routine and is easily scalable. This allows control of multiple production lines from a single manager module.

AQCURA software is driven by state-of-the-art Artificial intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. Redefining targets, enabling much more than simple level thresholds, and providing capabilities to recognize very specific features. The capability of self-learning allows AQCURA the ability to detect unknown problems automatically and at an early stage, even with small data sets. This ensures the highest degree of accuracy when running at full production.


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