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Meet The Dust Cube!

The Dust Cube is one of two major releases for our environmental range this year. It is the second out of three puzzle pieces that we have been working on for several years now. The success of the SV 307 has changed the way we monitor noise and how we purchase/hire noise instrumentation.

The specification of the Dust Cube is mind blowing! Here are five key points that we know are vital to the requirements of constructions site and local authority:

  • PM2.5 and PM10 simultaneous measurements to MCERTS accreditation
  • Low power and solar friendly for remote monitoring applications
  • Small, enclosed unit for easy installation, including built in modem and data processor
  • Integration into the world’s best cloud monitoring platform – SvanNET
  • 1 year’s monitoring included, includes sim card and cloud subscription

The World of collecting environmental monitoring data has changed. with the Svantek 307 noise system being the market leader and making noise monitoring unimprovable, we must focus on where the data is being presented. The dream is to be able to have a cloud monitoring platform that is intuitive, dependable and that can automatically report your data, so that you can save valuable resources and focus on other tasks.

The Dust Cube will report PM2.5 and PM10 MCERTS along with a PM1 parameter all in the same place. It will deliver this information along with vibration and noise data and even meteo data.

We have imagined and now created a World where you can pay extraordinarily little to own or to have access to the best dust, noise and vibration systems, and allow them to automatically take care of your construction site.

AcSoft also offer an installation service and reporting facility at extremely competitive pricing. This will take even more of the pressure and workload away from your resources. AcSoft Technical Services are here to save you time and money from the start of every project.


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