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Are You Measuring and Visualising Your Data Down to 20Hz?

Are you testing object sizes anywhere from a toothbrush to a large compressor or even up to the size of a full room?

Then Scan&Paint 3D could be the solution you need!

A common issue often faced by engineers is the environment where the testing needs to take place, for example a location where you don’t have much space or a busy environment with lots of background noise, such as factory floors or in the interior of a vehicle.

With Scan&Paint 3D Measurements are carried out by manually scanning the area surrounding your object, with an infrared optical tracking system, that captures the real time position and orientation of the moving probe.

Microflown’s user friendly software, Velo provides instance access to a wide range of comprehensive acoustic tools. From source identification and ranking to sound power.

With Scan&Paint 3D, the difference is not just heard, it’s truly seen.

If you suffer with any of these issues we have mentioned, let us test in your challenging environment! We can offer you a full test and report with results. Get in touch today to request this free demonstration.

Scan&Paint 3D unique tool for acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localisation, allowing you to visualise what you hear. It makes complex problems simple and easy to understand. Localise your sound sources and visualise the sound propagation in full 3D. Scan&Paint 3D offers you 3D sound vectors displayed on a 3D model.


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