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SV 971A Moles Environmental System Case Study

Compliance 4 Buildings is a consultancy offering a project managed approach to building compliance and acoustics. They offer a complete solution of building compliance services and acoustic services for building contractors, developers, architects and building control which is sympathetic and supportive to all needs and requirements.

Within the construction service industry Compliance 4 Buildings are well known for a number of specialist contractor services including: Acoustic Insulation Testing (Sound Testing), Noise Surveys, Environmental Monitoring, Air Testing, SAP Calculations, SBEM Calculations, Ventilation Testing, Water Calculations, Commercial EPC and Residential EPC.  As a business, they strive to go above and beyond for their customers and have introduced a 24 hour testing facility to allow a site to continue to function without restriction while helping to meet cost saving criteria and meet deadlines.

We spoke with Elliot Hurst, Director at Compliance 4 Buildings about a recent project he has been involved with where he needed to utilise the SV 971A Moles Environmental System.

This is an example of a new Svantek SV 971A user with the moles environmental system. We know that the challenge of an acoustic consultant is being able to mount equipment safely and so it’s not a risk to the public in heavily populated areas. The SV 971A moles system is much lighter than any other kit on the market including our very own SV 307A.

The other key challenge that a consultant faces is power.  With this project the client couldn’t provide power to the instrument but with the Moles kit you can easily achieve 4-5 weeks of monitoring off a single internal charge.

The sound level meter that is embedded into the system and can be used as a handheld instrument, it holds a type approval and a full (true) IEC61672-3. Its why this system has become the market leader in our industry.

SV 971A

The SV 971A Class 1 sound level meter is designed for occupational noise and building acoustics measurements. The type 1 noise meter uses a microphone offering a linear measurement from 27 to 140 dB in a single range. For ease of use the sound level meter uses dedicated mobile applications, that support sound measurements as well as RT60 and STIPA.

What is a Class 1 Sound Level Meter?

A Class 1 Sound Level Meter is a sound measuring instrument that meets the IEC 61672-1:2013 (or equivalent BS EN 61672-1:2003 or DIN EN 61672-1:2014) standard’s performance criteria such as linear operating range, frequency response, and temperature operating range.

To find out more about the Moles kit and if it could be suitable for your next project, get in touch.


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