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SA 104-5 Five-Way Docking Station

The SV 104IS noise dosimeter requires usage of docking station for battery charging and measurement data download.


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The SA 104-5 docking station supports simultaneous battery charging and data download from up to five dosimeters. The instrument is positioned on the docking station with a holders system that ensures the correct position for battery charging. The SA 104-5 uses the external power supply for battery charging and USB cable for connection with PC. The data download from noise dosimeters is handled by the infra-red interface. The status of the dosimeter battery is indicated by the LED diodes located next to the handle system.

Communication with PCmini USB 2.0, 5 VDC; SC 56 cable
Communication with instrumentinfrared
Power supplySA 33, 12 VDC, min. 1.2A
Charging contacts voltage5.6 VDC  Umax = 6.6 V


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