ES-642 Cloud

The ES-642 Cloud brings together the Met One ES-642 MCERTS dust system with SvanNET, our leading cloud solution. The ES-642 Cloud is an autonomous solution with 3G/4G modem and options for solar/wind powering. SvanNET allows you to bring your PM10 or PM2.5 data in alongside advanced noise and vibration data sets.


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The ES-642 Cloud offers:

  • PM10 or PM2.5 averaged and instantaneous results
  • Configurable logger steps
  • PM1
  • Advanced alarms for dust data alongside noise and vibration alarms
  • Controlled input heater

Our dust system, the ES-642 cloud has the advantage of only needing to be calibrated every 2 years, this coincides with your noise and vibration systems keeping your calibration aligned and bringing the cost of ownership much lower than other brands.


  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Demolition
  • Military Applications
  • Environmental Clean Up Sites
  • Air Pollution Level Monitoring

ES-642 Unit Specifications:

Measurement PrinciplesParticulate concentration by forward light scatter laser Nephelometer
Available Cut PointsTSP Inlet Standard. PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 sharpcut cyclone inlets available
Measurement Range0 to 100 mg/m3 (0 to 100,000 μ g/m3)
Display2 X 16 back lit LCD. Provides information on operation including Power, Flow Operation, Status and Concentration
Zero CalibrationAutomatic Zero Calibration every hour or as programmed from 1 to 999 minutes
Power Consumption350 mA (no heater) 1.1 A (with heater) @ 15 VDC
Operating Temperature0 to +50°C . (Ambient Temperature Sensor Range -30 to +50°C)
Intake Moisture ControlAutomatic 10 Watt inlet heater module controlled to sample RH set point
Factory Service Interval24 Months typical, under continuous use in normal ambient air
Mounting OptionsWall mount bracket standard or EX-905 tripod




ES-642 Cloud

Bring your PM10 or PM2.5 data in alongside advanced noise and vibration data sets

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