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DL 204 Dodecahedron Kit (Dodec)

DL 204 Dodecahedron Kit (Dodec)


The Kit 204 from Lookline contains a DL204 which is a dodecahedral (dodec) sound source, which provides omnidirectional excitation according to all the latest standards. The source can be driven from a SoundBook or sound level meter, or an internal noise source that has been equalised for a flat response over the complete frequency range.

The kit comes complete with a DA204 digital amplifier, DL 204 loudspeaker, FC 300 carry case, with TR 300 large tripod and RC 204 remote control.

-DA204: Amplifier (2 Kgs), 200 Watts(rms), inclusive of noise generator (pink/white/sweep-sine),
all drived by multy function remote control 16 keys .
Power supply : AC current 230V, (under request AC115V)
-DL 204 Spherical source 8,5 Kgs; Diameter 35 cm; Speakers:(12 x 5″ neodimium magnet) 600W max.
Frequency response 50 to 20.000 Hz (equalized by the amplifier DA204)
LW max (not equalized) 122 dB.

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