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SL 203AC Dodec

Providing omnidirectional excitation according to all the latest standards. The source can be driven from a sound level meter or an internal noise source that has been equalised for a flat response over the complete frequency range.

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Key Features:

  • Specification complying with International Standards: ISO 16283/ISO 140/ISO 3382/ISO 354 DIN 52210/ASTM E2235/ ASTM E336/ASTM E90
  • Measurement in room of the apparent sound insulation of dividing elements between rooms according to D.P.C.M. 05-12-1997
  • Measurement of reverberation time using interrupted noise according to ISO 354
  • Measurement of impulse response according to ISO 3382
  • Omnidirectionality according to ISO 140

The Kit includes:

  • SL203AC.DC Active Spherical Loudspeaker
  • RC103 Multi-function Remote Control: wireless
  • TR300 Tripod: height 100/175
  • FC300 Flight case
  • Ac Cable

Noise Generator

* White noise: Pseudocasual
* Pinck noise: Pseudocasual
* Fast white noise: Alternative to the previous ( greater precision)
* Fast pinck noise: Alternative to the previous ( greater precision)
* Sine sweep: ( exponential ) 20 seconds 50- 20,000 Hz
*Impulsive noise: It reproduces a noise similar to a balloon bursting, a gunshot. or 2 wooden boards banging.

Diameter35 cm / 13.7 inch
Total weight(amplifier + source) 9 kg / 19 Lb
Loudspeakerswith neodimium magnets- ( 12 x 130 mm (5 inch)
Class D amplifier300 W RMS (600 watts peak); very low heat dissipation
Noise generatorremote control receiver
Micro controllerto linearise and extend the frequency response from 50 Hz–20 kHz
Auxiliary inputfor external generator



Building Testing

Measurements to evaluate and improve building acoustics are normally made to analyse and design noise control between rooms or from outside to inside.

What equipment should you consider for long-term construction noise?