Svantek UK
12 April, 2022

Off-Grid Powering for Construction Projects

Over recent years we have seen big increases in all types of building projects from domestic houses to major infrastructure projects like HS2. More and more local authorities are including monitoring requirements for noise, dust and vibration right from the planning stage and all too often there’s either no mains power on site yet or you’re required to monitor in a remote area where no power was ever planned to be available.

Having a professionally designed power solution is critical to ensuring your monitoring systems run 24/7/365 and trying to use an undersized solar panel jury-rigged to a cheap leisure battery just doesn’t cut it. All too often under-rated systems power down in the early hours of the morning or a leisure battery designed to self-protect at 50% power just shuts down when you need it most.

At AcSoft we design and build the very best in solar and wind powered off-grid systems. Always designed for the very worst nature can throw at them, our high capacity solar panels with wind turbine backup for those short winter days ensure that our power systems keep you running through the toughest periods. Find out more about our renewable energy systems .


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