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Non-Contact, High-Resolution Vibration Analysis with WaveCam

Use any camera to capture data and visualise vibration and deflection shapes, invisible to the naked eye!

GfaiTech’s new WaveCam software essentially utilises every pixel of the camera to create a sensor array measuring hundreds of thousands of positions simultaneously.  Extraction of vibration displacement is then performed on the video data, utilising advanced optical flow and AI algorithms. ODS, and time and frequency domain analysis, can then be performed.

No cables or mounting sensors required, no surface preparation, nor contact with the object.

WaveCam utilises data from pretty much any camera, from phone cameras to high-end, high speed cameras, importing from an extensive list of common video formats. ODS’s are easily exported to video for reporting, whilst time waveforms and frequency data can be extracted for analysis at individual positions.

Furthermore, despite the power and capability of WaveCam, the software is intuitive to use, requiring little expertise or training by the user.

Sceptical? The testing method has been exhaustively cross-validated using multiple conventional methods for data acquisition, namely accelerometers, a Laser-Doppler-Vibrometer (LDV) as well as the acoustic camera Mikado using nearfield acoustic holography (SONAH).

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R&D and Production

Centralising data collation and analysis across multiple production sites is also possible as expectation of remote access to acquisition systems becomes the norm

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