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Noise & Vibration Monitoring Equipment For Long Term Construction Noise

By Adam Martin, Director at Nova Acoustics

The Svantek 307A sound level meter, Svantek SV 803 vibration meter and SvanNet system offer several benefits for monitoring noise and vibration on a construction site:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: The Svantek 307 and SV 803 are high-quality meters known for their accuracy and reliability in measuring noise and vibration levels. They are designed to comply with international standards and provide precise measurements, ensuring that the data collected is trustworthy and representative of the actual noise and vibration conditions on the construction site.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The SvanNet system, when combined with the Svantek 307 and SV803, enables real-time noise and vibration monitoring. The system allows for continuous data collection and transmission, providing instant updates on noise and vibration levels and trends. This real-time monitoring capability is valuable for promptly identifying and addressing noise issues, making informed decisions, and implementing timely mitigation measures.
  • Wireless Data Transmission: SvanNet utilizes wireless technology to transmit noise data from the Svantek 307 and SV803 to a cloud-based platform. This wireless data transmission eliminates the need for manual data retrieval, reducing human involvement and potential errors in data collection. It also enables remote access to the noise data from various devices, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  • Data Management and Analysis: The SvanNet system provides a centralized platform for data management and analysis. The collected noise and vibration data can be stored securely, organized efficiently, and easily accessed for further analysis or reporting. The system offers data visualization tools, statistical analysis features, and customizable reporting options, facilitating the interpretation and presentation of noise and vibration monitoring results in various formats with ease.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Construction sites often have specific noise and vibration limits and regulatory requirements to meet. The Svantek 307, SV803 and SvanNet system can help in monitoring and documenting noise levels to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and permits. The ability to generate comprehensive reports and historical data analysis aids in demonstrating compliance during inspections or legal proceedings if necessary.
  • Remote Monitoring, Online Portal and Alarms: SvanNet allows for remote monitoring of noise and vibration levels via an online portal with configurable access permission, providing the flexibility to track noise and vibration conditions from off-site locations and providing access for Local Planning Authorities. The system can also be set up to send automated alarms or notifications when noise levels exceed predefined thresholds. This feature enables timely response to potential noise issues and helps construction site managers take proactive measures to mitigate excessive noise.
  • Off-Grid Power: All systems can be fully autonomous with solar power and back up battery systems.

Overall, the combination of the Svantek 307 sound level meter, Svantek SV803 vibration meter and SvanNet system offers accurate, real-time, and efficient noise and vibration monitoring capabilities for construction sites. It facilitates compliance monitoring, data management, and analysis, empowering construction site operators to effectively manage and mitigate noise-related concerns and maintain a controlled and considerate working environment.



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