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Introducing Our Brand New Building Acoustics Kits

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director

I have been working in the building acoustics and building compliance sector for around 6 years now, selling noise testing equipment and software to users that take the tests all day, every day.

Everybody tells me the same thing “we need some kit that works together as a set and that is reliable and gets me to the result as fast as possible”

Most sound level meters will ask you to take a test in every room and at different points repeatedly, it will take the average and give you some results. You would then need to take the equipment back to base and plug your Sound Level Meter into a laptop and run it through some software for your complete result. You would then need to have it signed off and uploaded to the accrediting body. After all of this and maybe a few hours later, you can invoice the customer and wait to be paid.

At AcSoft and Svantek UK we decided to speak with our customers and ask them exactly what’s wrong with this traditional method and figure out exactly what our customers want, allowing them to be more efficient.

We found out that by saving time, we would allow for more tests to be made and for the tester to be more efficient and ultimately more successful and competitive.

The Svantek Building Acoustics Assistant application does exactly this, your sound level meter will automatically connect to your phone or tablet. It will guide you step by step into each test and prevent you from making mistakes by alarming you to erroneous or suspect data.

At the end of the test, you will be able to generate a certified certificate and see your results, you will be able to sign it off on site or send it to your colleagues for double checking. You can complete your job there and then. No need for post processing, simply move onto the next job and continue with your day.

This technique has changed the way people think about equipment required for testing, for example the SITMA scheme requires the users to upload Binary files from the test, up and onto the portal for double checking. Through the building acoustics app, you can directly upload your files from your phone immediately after the test. This is ground-breaking and has allowed us to be very successful with SITMA users.

Ground breaking methodology doesn’t stop here, we have now released a new Sound Level Meter, the Svantek 971A that now fulfils the next requirement from the testers, making the kit more affordable. The SV 971A is packed full of specification and directly connects to the building acoustics app but at a much lower price! Why is it unique? ……  the unique feature of this meter is that it goes even further with making the user potentially more efficient in time saving techniques. We can use two sound level meters side by side in single test, meaning that we can potentially cut the time of the test in half again!  We are already the fastest way to get to result, but this method takes it to another level.

When we launched the dual meter package, testers initially thought that this would be a very expensive way of testing. Rest assured, the price for two meters is near enough the same as 1 meter from our competitors.  This method will also allow you to have two testers out at the same time on different sites too, the flexibility of having two meters in this industry is invaluable.

We are dedicated to streamlining processes, reducing costs and allowing testers to be more efficient and competitive. Every new release from AcSoft and Svantek illustrates this effort, our technical support team and application engineers are committed to supporting you on site to support our message. Find out more about our building acoustics kits


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