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Hackney Council Testimonial

“I have been working in the public sector for over 20yrs in the field of Environmental Protection –  noise and pollution control. During this time I have used various Class 1 precision sound level meters i.e. Casella, Bruel & Kjaer, Rion, Norsonic, NTi and Cirrus in building acoustics with regards to inadequate sound insulation, but now predominantly for environmental noise measurements.

I was introduced to Svantek in 2017 when I joined London Borough of Haringey as their Noise Specialist/Noise Team Leader. Part of the team’s remit was to monitor licensed outdoor music events such as the Wireless Music Festival held at Finsbury Park. Due to a licensing review which included a condition to measure low frequency music noise levels simultaneously, our current sound level meters were made obsolete.

I approached both Casella and Bruel & Kjaer who provided advice over the phone, but were not prepared to provide a free demonstration or agree to loan their equipment. I finally contacted AcSoft / Svantek UK and spoke with Aidan Hubbard who was not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable, but also offered to visit our offices in person to give the team a free demonstration of the SVAN 977 Class 1 Sound and Vibration Level Meter and the SVANPC++ software.

After the presentation, we were allowed to hold onto a SVAN 977 for 1 week to familiarise ourselves with the operation, however we confirmed our purchase within 2 days. The robust built quality of the 977 was second to none, it’s functionality allowed frequency analysis and Z,A & C weighting measurements simultaneously. Most importantly Svan 977 Class 1 Sound and Vibration Level Meter operation was self-intuitive and surpassed our expectations for future noise investigations (i.e BS.4142:2014+A1:2019, BS8233:2014).

Fast Forward to November 2021 whilst at the London Borough of Hackney as a Senior Environmental Protection Officer, I called on AcSoft / Svantek UK to obtain, on hire, two SV 307 Noise Monitoring Stations to conduct a road traffic noise survey for our Highways section. AcSoft provided two SV 307’s within the designated time frame which enabled us to successfully undertake unattended noise measurements.

The full operation of these hi-tech kits were totally foreign to me, but the whole team at AcSoft were extremely supportive, accessible and knowledgeable and addressed all the obstacles and concerns I experienced down to retrieving and formatting the raw noise data.

The service and aftercare received from AcSoft/ Svantek when I was at the London Borough of Haringey was phenomenal. I am confident to say that this is not a one-off tactic, as I have remained in contact with the team at AcSoft/Svantek during my time when I joined the London Borough of Hackney in 2019.

Based on the functionality of the SV 307 Noise Monitoring Station and the high standard of service and aftercare from AcSoft, we are seriously considering purchasing the SV307 Noise Monitoring Stations to monitor the music noise levels from our annual Street Carnival.”

From Mr Rockwell Charles, Senior Environmental Protection Officer at Hackney Council.

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