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Frequently Asked Questions on Use of EOS Tapping Machine

How do I set the feet of the tapping machine, so it fulfils the standard?

The EOS is built and adjusted at the factory so the hammer drop meets the ISO standard (40mm +/- 5%). If you subsequently have the machine laboratory calibrated, this will be checked and certified, along with the fall angle (+/- 0.5°)

What about the screw-in feet?

The EOS meets the standard when the rubber feet are fully screwed in, as per the manual on page 8. If the feet are not fully screwed in, the fall height will be compromised.

Can I have a gauge so I can check the fall height in the field?

It’s not necessary. The machine is adjusted for you. We have made gauges in the past, but they can be unreasonably expensive, so we chose not to do it, as it’s unnecessary.

I have seen tapping machines which have gauges

These are most probably mechanical types, working from a cam-based control of the hammers. This can require field adjustment and check. The EOS uses a unique electromagnetic system to lift and drop the hammers, which by definition is completely repeatable, as we as being silent.

What if the floor is not horizontal? How do I adjust for that?

In practice, most test floors are horizontal. The machine will tolerate a slight slope, but you don’t adjust for that, otherwise the fall height will be incorrect. Also, the hammer will make contact with the floor slightly off-centre, leading to significant errors. This is explained in the manual onpage 10.

If the feet are always fully screwed in, why have screw feet at all?

This is historical. When we first made tapping machines, we had fixed feet. Several customers asked if they could have adjustable feet, even though this would possibly compromise the measurement. We like to listen to customers, so adjustable feet were fitted, for non-standardised measurements.

However, the machine meets the standard only when these feet are fully screwed in.

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