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noiseLAB Standard Edition

noiseLAB Standard Edition

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noiseLAB is a professional software recording and analysis package for making Class 1 precision measurements to international standards

noiseLAB provides sound recording, editing and analysis with 1/1 to 1/24 octave analysis, FFT, Sound Level (Fast, Slow, and Impulse), Ln (statistics) and Tone Analysis, and infra sound measurements all in a truly affordable software package.

Import wave files from Sound Level Meters or hard disk/flash recorders and analyse Sound Level, FFT and Octave Spectra. Use the Editor to select relevant portions of the signal. Export your results to Excel.

Probably the easiest-to-use professional noise analysis software on the market.

noiseLAB Standard provides  Type 1 Sound Level,  1/3 Octave and FFT analysis of imported .wav files.

  • Easy calibration of imported .wav files.
  • Type 1 results for wave files recorded by Type 1 Sound Level Meters
  • Improved accuracy  by auditing and editing your recordings to only analyze the relevant data.
  • Streamlined calibration, analysis, and Excel export
  • Process multiple recordings in one operation.
  • Input format: 16 or 24 bit uncompressed .wav, single channel
  • Maximum Recording Duration:  10 minutes
  • FFT Analysis: Down to 10 Hz resolution, Hanning weighting
  • Octave Analysis:  1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis.  Linear RMS weighting
  • Sound Level:  Fast, Slow or Leq.  Z, A, B, or C weighted.  Leq in 1 s intervals.
  • All Analysis types to Type 1 sound level meter standards.
  • Calibration: Automatic transfer of calibration from an imported 1 kHz calibration tone of Scaling information for a range of Svantek .wav files.
  • Editor: Create Multiple Clips as short as 1 second.
  • Scrubbing: Permits interactive viewing of Spectra or Sound Level as you move the cursor through the preview waveform.
  • Sound Playback: Includes extra gain to permit sound playback of wide dynamic range signals without the need for an external amplifier.
  • Graph Display:  Quarter, half or full screen.
  • Data Export:  Result export to Excel

See screenshots and a lot of tips and tricks on how to edit and analyse you files efficiently in the noiseLAB Express Quick Guide

For the noiseLAB datasheet click here