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The New Class 1 Sound Level Meter: SV 971A

The SV 971A is equipped with a new measuring microphone, offering a LAeq linear measurement range from 27 to 137 dB (140 dB peak) in a single range. The microphone’s improved design ensures even better long term stability of microphone sensitivity. Additionally, the SV 971A measurement range can be switched to low to measure noise levels from 20 dBA.

Building Acoustics

Along with the new hardware additions, the SV 971A has been equipped with a new internal programme that supports RT 60 reverberation time measurement and STIPA speech intelligibility measurements, both supported by a mobile application. The application helps the user in calculating in accordance with ISO 16283. Sound insulation results are presented on the display and in the form of a report compliant with the ISO requirements.

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Occupational Noise

The appearance of the 971 series on the market changed the perception of Class 1 sound level meters. The small size and weight are now appreciated  by professionals who perform measurements with a handheld instrument. The versatile functionality of the SV 971A allows precise noise measurements in accordance with standards such as ISO 9612, OSHA, MSHA and ACGIH. The meter is also suitable for measurements for the selection of hearing protection in accordance with ISO 4869-2.



SV 971A

The new SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter has been designed for both occupational noise and building acoustics measurements

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