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The Best Vibration Monitoring Equipment: The SV 803

The SV 803 has the power of a PC based instrument and all compacted into a solution that is no larger than a sandwich box!

PC based solutions have been the saviour of many consultants over the years but they are bulky and rely on interconnecting cables and expensive sensor set ups to acquire sensitive vibration information. The cost of a typical seismic accelerometer is well over £1000.00 and with a minimum of 3 needed and then add to that the cost of cables and a data acquisition system and you end up with a solution that is far from cheap. All this makes us both proud and excited to announce a product such as the SV 803.

With the best SM6 geophones tucked nicely into the body of the 803 along with to a powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months, a reliable (and site tested) Modem with 4/5G ability means this is the best in next generation vibration technology. The noise floor achieves a staggering VC-E when compared to Vibration criteria standards and allows for collection and data presentation in SvanNET (our cloud monitoring platform for noise, dust and vibration). The really awesome part about all of this is that we can collect data at extremely high accuracy and at high resolution, as well as applying advanced and technical alarms enabling us to protect your construction site, all without the autonomy of the system’s battery life being affected.

The ability to check the calibration sensitivity on site is unheard of with geophone systems until now, but we have a dedicated and free mobile application that runs through the complete calibration sequence meaning you can comply to the latest in ISO standards and have confidence in your data. The 803 was designed from the outset to make it easy to remove each TEDS enabled SM6 geophone sensor and replace it with ease, even on site if that is required. The modularity of the system smashes boundaries, bringing down cost of ownership as we train and enable Svantek hardware users to be able to maintain and replace parts should that ever be required during ownership. This allows you to optimise your instrumentation investment, giving you more years and hence more monitoring from a single instrument. Our UK service centre means that repairs, calibrations, and services can be done within just a few days and our industry leading tech support offering is always around to guide you and to provide training and support at the drop of a hat.


Why are more people choosing to use AcSoft for supply of Svantek equipment? We asked our existing customers and they said we provide:


  1. Fast deliveries of equipment (even same day if needed).
  2. On site assistance with set up and installation of equipment.
  3. The fastest turn around on service and calibration, whilst always offering the most competitive pricing.
  4. Systems that are reliable and achieve on site requirements such as long life battery systems
  5. A full range of solutions including class 1 IEC 61672 noise and MCERTS PM2.5 and PM10 dust systems.
  6. Advanced training; enabling users to get the most from Svantek systems.
  7. Friendly and technical support engineers available at all times to support via the phone, email and on site.

803 wireless vibration monitor


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