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Scan&Paint 3D Case Study

Lontra has a culture of innovation, encouraging thorough engineering evaluation to design better products. They wanted a rigorous approach to identify and precisely target key noise sources in our new blower, to efficiently achieve a quiet product. LP2 is the first fully packaged blower manufactured by Lontra using its proven patented Blade Compressor. It operates at up to 1barG, delivering up to 2600m3/h of air at 2500rpm. It is a positive displacement machine, which produces 1 discharge per revolution, resulting in low frequencies of emitted noise. This poses some unique acoustic challenges for various aspects of the design, and led Lontra to use the Microflown equipment.

Microflown Scan&Paint 3D utilises sensor technology that directly measures acoustic particle velocity and sound intensity in 3D.


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AcSoft worked with Lontra to perform the Scan&Paint 3D measurements in the UK. AcSoft prides itself on the support we provide to our customers. To find out more about how we could help you, contact us.

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R&D and Production

Centralising data collation and analysis across multiple production sites is also possible as expectation of remote access to acquisition systems becomes the norm

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