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New SvanNET Feature: Automatic Reporting

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director

This year I decided that it was time to start showing acoustic consultants and monitoring contractors ways in which they can save their own time. This will help generate them more work and allow them to become more efficient with certain tasks.

We brought to the market, the building acoustics app, that massively slashed the time needed to undertake a sound installation test! We took that further with the dual meter technique for building acoustics applications (sound installation tests).

Today we take time saving into another dimension! With automatic reporting within SvanNET.

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Why automatic reporting? Well, it does what it says on the tin. It will report your data automatically to your local authority or directly to your client. Once the automatic report template has been set up you just press go and allow the Svantek systems to do the job they where made to do! Monitor and report!

The automatic report can be set to deliver your reports directly to your clients and allow you to send different versions to different places giving you full flexibility over your work.

If you’re an acoustic consultant, wouldn’t it be nice to have that extra job on at the same time? Because now you suddenly have more time on your hands. You could spend that extra time on that modelling job that has been hanging over your head or take an afternoon walk. Or maybe this will be tool that allows you to grow and be more competitive in this busy market.

The Svantek systems will alarm you if there is a problem, they will offer industry leading tech support assistance with Svantek UK, they will give you the best and most accurate data with IEC61672-3 and PTB type approvals and now they will report for you! I wonder what will be next?

To find out more about this new feature or about SvanNET in general, contact us.




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