Svantek UK
14 February, 2022

Meet Supervisor Lite! The New Addition to the Health & Safety Software Supervisor

Supervisor is a free PC software package dedicated for the whole family of Svantek instruments for the health & safety marketing including sound level meters, noise dosimeters and human vibration meters. Supervisor is designed to meet the needs of different users.

Supervisor Lite was created with a focus on an easy and intuitive design which is perfect for users who are new to Supervisor and the field of noise & vibration dosimetry.  The enhanced user experience offers a complete toolbox, meeting the needs of both new and established users of the Supervisor software. Established users who are used to working with Supervisor can easily switch between the two running modes during all of Supervisor’s different work stages.

Supervisor Lite introduces a new function, the Validation Tool. A module that allows for quick & easy validation of results by removing erroneous data such as invalid noise sources, mechanical shocks to the instrument interpreted as acoustic impulses and data gathered when the dosimeter wasn’t being properly worn.

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From the Noise at Work Act to the Physical Agents Directive (Vibration) we have instrumentation to ensure you stay within the law.

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