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Denmark SoundCheck Training May 2019

We are excited to announce Listen Inc’s first major SoundCheck training event in Denmark in Copenhagen on May 1-3, 2019.

Basic 2 day SoundCheck training

Wednesday May 1st & Thurs  May 2nd, 8.30am – 5.30pm

This two-day class is designed to accelerate the learning curve for novice and basic level SoundCheck users. A combination of teaching, demos and hands-on exercises begin with the basics of system setup and calibration, using virtual instruments, and creating and modifying basic test sequences. On the second day, the sequence writing progresses to more complex techniques such as sequence loops, statistics and advanced post-processing.

Advanced SoundCheck training

Friday May 3rd, 8.30am – 5.30pm

This is designed for users who have already attended the basic class or who need to make more complex measurements and want to take their SoundCheck use to the next level. This course will include topics such as simulated free field measurements, open loop testing of smart devices, advanced distortion measurements, selecting an appropriate test stimulus (including speech, music and compound stimuli), advanced sequence development including conditional branching and looping, advanced post-processing algorithms and more.

Location: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Ellehammersvei 20, 2770, Kastrup, DENMARK

Each day is the same cost and you can combine any number of days, with a discount for each additional day that you take (although please note that the basic training is intended as a 2-day course). In addition, support contract holders and multiple attendees from the same company receive additional discounts

1 Day: $495 / 3250DKK ($350 / 2300DKK with valid SoundCheck support contract)

2 Days: $950 / 6235DKK ($665 / 4365DKK with valid SoundCheck support contract)

3 Days: $1350/ 8850DKK ($950 / 6235DKK with valid SoundCheck support contract)

Multi-person discount:

2-3 people from one company: 10% discount;

4 people will receive a 15% discount

5+ will receive a 25% discount.

Note: to qualify for the discount, all attendees must register together, but do not need to attend the same days.

To register or for more information please visit the Listen Inc website by clicking here



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