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Clean Air Day

The 16th June 2022 is recognised at Clean Air Day. Organised by Global Action Plan, is it their intention to push the Clean Air movement by mobilising and enabling people and organisations to act on air pollution and ensure their voice is heard. They report that most people (90%) now do at least one thing to help reduce outdoor air pollution  and 82% of people think that air pollution should be a priority for the UK, which is an increase of 11% over the last three years!

The World Health Organisation and Health Effects Institute are both unequivocal in stating the negative impact that air pollution has on both people’s health and environment.

There are steps you can take individually on this Clean Air Day to help, it could be anything from walking a short journey that you would normally drive, cycling to work or even opening windows and using extractor fans when cooking. Find out more about what you can do to get involved on the action for clean air website.

At AcSoft and Svantek UK we understand the importance of monitoring air quality in the workplace as it can be harmful to workers if they are exposed to elements such as dust.

Whilst dust monitoring for environmental air quality evaluation has been around for years, it has become a relatively new parameter requirement for construction projects. As we have seen more and more local authorities are including requirements for dust monitoring right from the planning state with onus very much on construction contracts and specialist consultants to provide the data.

Get in touch to find out more about personal air sampling products and dust monitoring for projects such as construction and demolition.


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Health & Safety

From the Noise at Work Act to the Physical Agents Directive (Vibration) we have instrumentation to ensure you stay within the law.

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