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Acoustic Cameras Can See Sound

We had the pleasure of collaborating with YouTuber Steve Mould, on his latest video talking all about acoustic cameras.

Steve Mould is a YouTuber who specialises in science videos, he currently has over 2.1 million subscribers. Outside of YouTube Steve works on stage shows where he gives talks on maths and sciences to both adults and children alike. He has also published a range of book. Find out more about Steve Mould.

In this video you will see Steve using the acoustic camera in a variety of ways including when playing a ukulele and turning on a vacuum cleaner in an anechoic chamber.  Part of the video was shot at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research Education at the University of Birmingham who own an acoustic camera. One way in which they use the camera is to set it up trackside to identify what wheels are making a noise and need maintenance. Without this kind of monitoring often the first you know about a problem with a train, is when it breaks down in service and causes delays and costs money.



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