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Why We Have a New Range of Robust Microphones

Microphones unfortunately aren’t the most interesting part of an acoustic testing system. They sit at the end of a very complex, intelligent multi-channel data acquisition set, and acquisition software system.

All day, every day they are taken in and out of anechoic chambers and put close to exhausts and brakes whilst cars are tested. They are used in extreme temperatures, put into the top pockets of NVH engineers and left to speed around test tracks at MIRA and Millbrook proving grounds. Through these extreme levels of vibrations, exposure to moisture and rain, brake dust and dirt, it means that conventional condenser microphones, just aren’t up for the job!

Yes the microphones aren’t interesting, and they are by far the most delicate part of any testing system, but one could argue that they are the most important part of it! It doesn’t make sense that the most important part of a testing system is the same part that is most at risk of giving you bad data.

This is why we have introduced a new range of ROBUST microphones that are made for this exact application. Our microphones have ignored the temptation to add unnecessary lights on them and shiny chrome plating. We have focused on what’s really important. This includes ensuring they work in the harshest of environments including humidity and high temperatures. They are made to withstand being dropped: they semi expect the tripod to fall and for the engineer to put it back up and expect to carry on testing. They welcome the sight of a test track!!

If you’re looking for a microphone that continues to be not that interesting, but gets on with what’s important and keeps the costs down because they aren’t away at the factory being repaired then you should try the MMS212 from Microtech Gefell.

Its sole purpose is to keep you testing and not packing them up to be sent away for repair, overall this is a huge cost saving not only with prevention of repairs but also in time. You will have more microphones out testing and not sitting around with broken diaphragms!



MMS 212 Measurement Microphone

The 1/2 “measuring microphone MMS 212 is very insensitive to extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and vibrations.

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