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Vibration Monitoring For Transport Applications

The Menhir (Modular Enhanced Intelligent Recorder) ground vibration monitor from Semex-Engcon GmbH is a very compact and versatile instrument that measures vibrations, shocks and tremors making it perfect for use in trackside monitoring applications. It has options for MEMS accelerometers, geophones and even an FBA force balanced accelerometer that is highly sensitive and goes right down to 0.1Hz.

As well as trackside measurements, the simple, flexible and robust Menhir is ideal for viaduct/bridge monitoring and units can be run individually or, more commonly, as part of a wider monitoring network. It measures VDV to BS6472:pt1, PPV along with a multitude of more typical vibration parameters. AcSoft Health & Safety also offers a unique recoverable borehole sensor. Data is transmitted to the SDC (smart data centre) portal and can be easily accessed and analysed online or downloaded to a local PC.

For monitoring in tunnels, the sub-1GHz option allows data to be passed from one Menhir to another via multiple paths with only one instrument in the network needing to be in range of a wi-fi or 3G signal for full data download to be achieved. Interruptions in communications are intelligently managed which ensures that 100% data download is achieved once connection is restored.

The Menhir also measures vibrations, shocks and tremors generated by construction, mining, demolition and quarrying activities. Complete with the SDC software, the high resolution Menhir system is capable of accurately recording, analysing and transferring data from complex structural and vibration monitoring and metrology applications in harsh environments.

Allowing easy operation with minimal training, the intuitive Menhir can be configured with either integral tri-axial accelerometers or velocity sensors and set-up to suit individual monitoring requirements and be ready for immediate set up and use. It has a number of communications options including wi-fi, 3G and even M2M. For maximum flexibility, Menhir can be mains powered or run from an internal battery.

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