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Vibration Criteria and VC Curves Webinar

On Tuesday 18th April at 11am GMT we are running a free one hour webinar covering everything vibration criteria and VC curves!

In this advanced webinar the Svantek team and guest speaker will cover a range of topics, including what are VC curves, how are they measured, applications they are used for and historic and current hardware requirements.
Our guest speaker will talk about their experience using VC curves, how they make use of the data gathered and what to look out for when obtaining data.
The team will then go on to discuss typical problems and challenges with VC curves, concluding on the future of VC curves.

Vibration criteria are specified levels of vibration that equipment or structures can tolerate without causing damage or negatively affecting performance. These criteria are established by industry standards organisations or regulatory agencies. The vibration criterion (VC) curves are widely used and accepted worldwide as a basis for evaluation.

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Vibration webinar



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