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The Iconic Svantek 307A Noise Monitoring Terminal

Walking around London these days is a good way to go 307 spotting! Over the past 3 to 4 years the SV 307 has become the industry standard for environmental noise monitoring. It is the standard choice for acoustic professionals who demand only the best in acoustic data collection for their clients.

The iconic shape of the SV 307A can be seen on many construction sites across the world but in particular you will find them on most HS2 sites and large infrastructure projects such as London Tideway and Thames crossing, but why are people choosing this system over the many others on the market?

1.      It’s easy to buy, there are no “add ons” or rip of analysis options to purchase with these systems. Just tell the team your plug choices or solar choice for powering and we will deliver a full working system

2.      It has a lifetime warranty microphone

3.      It’s built to be outside, the 307 is happy to be rained on and to be in the scorching heat. It will continue to send you data anytime, anyplace

4.      Weather and dust system integration

5.      It has inbuilt system check and calibration facilities to guarantee you perfect data, every time

6.      IEC61672-3. Why waste any time with a system that doesn’t have this when you pay less at Svantek to have it!! Make sure you don’t leave home without it

7.      Type approvals across the world

8.      Cost effective!

9.      The best support

Ok that’s nine reasons why you should consider switching to 307 for your noise monitoring.

If you are worried about the current systems you have on site because they are lacking IEC61672-3 certification, and that they aren’t using Class 1 MEMS technology then speak to us. You will be surprised just how little a 307 will cost and what it will guarantee you in time saving, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

For even more reasons, speak with our team today about a demonstration or free loan of the  SV 307A.


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