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Svantek UK Announces Brand New Trade in Scheme

It was announced last year that mobile providers would begin to switch off their 3G networks starting from early next year, in a move designed to make room for the more advanced 4G and 5G networks which are considered to provide customers with a faster and more reliable service.

This switch off will affect customers on those networks who have an older device that doesn’t allow you to use 4G or 5G, as you’ll need to get a new 4G compatible device to continue to access your mobile data.

This means, any noise or vibration monitoring kit you have that still uses 3G will become obsolete once the switch off has taken place.

We are offering a brand new trade-in programme which means if you trade in our old 3G noise or vibration kit with us, you will receive a discount off of your  purchase of our best selling 4G kit. This includes a discount off our newly released SV 803 building and ground vibration monitor and our Class 1 Outdoor Noise Monitoring Station, the SV 307A.

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The SV 307A Outdoor Noise Monitoring Station

The SV 307A meets class 1 sound level meter specifications and has been designed for continuous, remote noise monitoring in all weather conditions. The remote monitoring is fully automatic, as SV 307A measures and stores noise levels, statistics, and spectra. The measurement time is synchronized with a GPS. Additionally, it can record triggered audio in a form of WAV files. The measurement data is stored in 32 GB internal memory and transferred via a 4G modem to the SvanNET Web Service, where data can be viewed and organiSed in the form of reports. The SV 307A uses a patented system check to continuously verify the microphone performance and triggers an alarm whenever the microphone failure is detected.


The SV 803 Wireless Building and Ground Vibration Monitor

The SV 803 vibration monitoring station is a comprehensive solution for monitoring vibrations in various environments. It is equipped with a built-in 4G modem and Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer. The SV 803 vibration monitor works well with the SV 307A dust and weather monitoring station and wireless sound monitor. These devices can be easily connected to a single monitoring network called SvanNET. This makes it possible to keep an eye on large areas like transportation and construction sites in an efficient and thorough way. SvanNET makes it possible to combine data from different sensors, like those that measure noise, vibration, dust, and weather, into a single, easy-to-use software platform. This makes it easy to understand and navigate. This all-in-one monitoring solution is very compatible and flexible, which makes it a great addition to any organization’s monitoring tools.


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