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Listen Inc Release SoundCheck 21

Every year Listen Inc release a version of their flagship audio test software, SoundCheck. These releases include enhancements that range from inclusion of new algorithms, to improved functionality, tighter integration with hardware, and improved user interface.

SoundCheck 21 introduces their new enhanced Loose Particles algorithm for transient distortion measurement in a wide range of devices. It also offers increased multichannel measurement capability with the new multichannel FFT analyser. Other enhancements such as the ability to save metadata, sequence protection and AudioConnect 2 control round out the increased functionality of this year’s update.

Version 21 New Features:

Enhanced Loose Particle Detection

A new enhanced Loose Particle detection algorithm for measurement of transient distortion is more accurate and offers improved correlation to subjective listening. It also makes it easier to distinguish defects from background noise. This new version adds a prominence metric to better distinguish  the loose particle defects from other artifacts, and removes the stimulus from the response so only the defects are heard.

Enhanced Loose Particle Detection


Multichannel Spectrum Analyser

A new multi-channel FFT analyser replaces SoundCheck’s original single channel spectrum analyser. This high resolution constant bandwidth linear filter analyser enables any number of live FFT spectra to be simultaneously viewed in real time on the same graph. Channel subtraction, maximum, minimum and power average can be calculated and displayed in real time, and the analyser offers many options including standard and custom windows and various weighting options. Live FFT curves can easily be dragged and dropped into any graph for easy comparison to limits and reference curves. FFT analyses can be viewed simultaneously with RTA analyses, either side by side or superimposed on one another.



Metadata for Simplified Data Collection and Recall

SoundCheck’s new Metadata feature simplifies data collection and documentation. Curves, values, results and waveforms can now be saved to a single TDMS file, along with all test parameters acquired during the sequence run such as test conditions, test sequence used, operator, serial number, microphone position, data entered via a message step and more.

Metadata Listen Inc


Sequence Protection

Sequence protection guards your intellectual property and adds an additional level of assurance that your tests are run as-intended by your production facility or contract manufacturer.



AudioConnect 2 Support

SoundCheck 21 supports AudioConnect 2TM, Listen’s new compact and high resolution (up to 192 kHz) dual-channel audio interface. With the option to power it via a laptop USB-C port, this compact, portable, and easy to use audio interface is designed for measurements anywhere from the production line to out in the field, and is particularly suitable for headphone testing. Set-up and configuration is extremely simple and fast with full plug-and-play functionality and TEDS support for automatic identification, configuration and calibration of microphones and accelerometers. AudioConnect 2 is exclusively configured via the SoundCheck software – there are no front panel controls. This provides an added level of test integrity by ensuring that settings cannot be inadvertently adjusted outside of your test configuration.

audio connect




Everything you need to perform sound quality audio measurements on a wide range of devices

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