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Introducing the Sound Scanner From Seven Bel

The latest addition to AcSoft’s solutions for noise source location and acoustic imaging is the radically different, Sound Scanner from SevenBel.

It’s incredibly portable and quick to set up, and operates from a mobile app with a super intuitive workflow. It takes the user from measurement and analysis, to report in less than 3 minutes!

The system consists of a tablet or smart phone, that connects wirelessly to the Sound Scanner sensor arm. The arm consists of a number of microphones in an array, and the longer the sensor arm, the lower the frequency the Sound Scanner can detect. Sensor arms are interchangeable – it’s modular by design.

Furthermore, the hundreds of virtual microphones created by the rotating array, results in a measurement surface with dimensions double the sensor length. Not only does that mean low frequency performance is remarkable for its size and weight, but also that spatial resolution and dynamic range performance is significantly better than a typical acoustic camera.

It is an “acoustic camera”, but it’s not beamforming! The Sound Scanner employs its patented Coherence Scanning Holography method to calculate the acoustic heatmap, that is then overlaid onto the optical image of the measurement scene.

Applications areas are many, including building acoustics, environmental noise, machinery diagnostics, product R & D, automotive and more. Get in touch to find out more about how the Sound Scanner could work for you.


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