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Introducing The New SV 307A

The brand new SV 307A noise monitoring station is the newest version of the all-in-one noise monitoring station, based on a patented MEMS microphone technology covered by a lifetime warranty.

The noise monitoring station has been designed for continuous Class 1 noise monitoring in all weather conditions. The monitoring station is fully automatic, it measures and stores noise levels, statistics and spectra. The measurement time is synchronised with a GPS. Additionally, it can record triggered audio in a form of WAV files. All is stored in a 32 GB internal memory and transferred via 4G modem to SvanNET, where data can be viewed and organised in a form of reports. The  SV307A uses patented system check to continuously verify the microphone performance and triggers an alarm whenever microphone failure is detected.

The SV 307A has an improved external housing for operation in conditions of high sunlight exposure and low temperatures. For continuous operation, the system can be powered from AC mains or solar panel and the large internal battery can power the system for 5 days.




SV 307A

The SV 307A has been designed for the permanent noise monitoring in all weather conditions

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