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gfai tech Announces an Exciting New NoiseImage Module

gfai tech has recently announced the release of a new feature for their software NoiseImage, DynaBeam. Because of this, scanning a 3D model with just your Acoustic Camera and representing the noise image results on it, is now possible.

NoiseImage is a powerful software for acoustic measurements in fields such as the automotive industry, aerospace, building acoustics and more. Offering a general purpose platform to provide all the tools required for the whole measurement and analysis process. You can use the core package on its own or expand its functionality with a combination of any of the add-on modules, such as DynaBeam.

The new patented DynamBeam, generates a 3D module while measuring the acoustic emissions at the same time. Measurement positions and distances are automatically extracted from the derived scan trajectory, allowing an instant combination without any additional tracking devices or fitting requirements.

The novel approach significantly increases the dynamics of acoustic mapping compares to conventional beamforming. In addition, DynaBeam allows displaying the main sound radiation direction of individual measurement points and therefore offers a valuable took for acoustic optimisation, for example, the identification of ideal locations for the use of sound-absorbing materials.

See DynaBeam in action

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