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gfai tech Announce Brand New Product

Soundcam Octagon is a brand new system that is designed for use when performing detailed acoustic analysis of products and components, such as locating leaks in buildings or performing correlation measurements on rotating machinery.

With 192 microphones in an acoustic transparent frame, it guarantees high precision. Due to the dense microphone distribution, beamforming as well as holography measurements are possible.

The integrated data acquisition makes it a handy system with no set-up time. Four digital and four analogue channels can be directly connected to the Soundcam Octagon for your additional sensors. The array comes with an integrated Intel® RealSense™ depth camera which features Full HD resolution and the ability to record 3D data.

The carbon fibre construction makes the octagon stable and lightweight at the same time. Handles allow for an easy transport or handheld measurements. Soundcam Octagon is the perfect system for a wide range of applications on R&D, quality assurance, maintenance or environmental acoustics.

Gfai tech specialises in products for measurement and visualisation of noise and vibration. As the inventor of the acoustic camera their aim to inspire with beamforming know-how since 2001. In recent years they have extended their portfolio by structural dynamics. AcSoft are proud to be the UK distributors for gfai tech.

octagon data recorder with 4 digital or 4 analogue input channels


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