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AcSoft Takes a Voyage into Portable Data Acquisition

Microflown Technologies Voyager mobile data acquisition and vibro-acoustic analysis device sets new benchmark for on-site, real-time NVH testing 

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of sound and vibration instrumentation and software, AcSoft has introduced The Voyager mobile data acquisition and vibro-acoustic analysis device from Microflown Technologies, specially designed to set a new benchmark for the on-site noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing industry.

The Voyager is a portable, handheld NVH testing system that merges multiple functional units like data acquisition, signal conditioning and storage into a powerful tablet device for vibro-acoustic data recording, visualisation and analysis.

Embedded touch controlled software offers the ability to run targeted vibro-acoustic analysis intuitively on the spot, monitor soundscapes and locate sound sources reliably with quick scans.

The six-channel Voyager standard model enables NVH engineers to gain an acoustic impression of a sound event by listening to the sensor in real-time and offers filtering and spectrum visualisation alongside post-processing capabilities. It is a conventional measurement tool for a wide range of analysis of all data channels for extensive vibro-acoustic analysis.

It offers a range of features: two dedicated channels to connect IEPE sensors, audio recording and playback, real-time IIR audio filtering on all channels, 1, 1/3 and 1/12 octave band analyser, spectrogram analysis for the study of transient noise, built-in camera and data storage and exporting.

The Advanced model is a powerful portable measuring station with embedded processing and signal conditioning units. The device can be used autonomously or as a portable front end for its PC based VELO software.

It offers all the same features are the standard Voyager but has plug and play compatibility with Microflown product solutions including Scan & Paint 2D and 3D, as well as additional vibro-acoustic data analysis options.

The Voyager device’s intuitive 7-inch touchscreen interface makes it easy to use for NVH experts and technicians. Configurable in seconds, the touch controlled interactive icons provide ready access to different modes and settings with users able to listen to the signal in real-time and switch to playback or analysis mode with just a single touch.

Compatibility with the Microflown range of sensors ensures utilisation of the superior features of the Voyager. In terms of background noise cancellation and signal to noise ratio it can be used directly at the test location in the presence of environmental sounds.

Increasing focus on targeted noise control engineering strategies to improve the build quality and customer perception of products has led Microflown Technologies to develop the new PU Voyager probe.

Featuring a superior design for withstanding mechanical shocks, the all-purpose PU Voyager probe is ideal for on-site high precision sound source localisation, quality compliance tests and NVH troubleshooting.




Merges multiple functions into a powerful NVH unit ideal for vibro-acoustic data recording, visualisation and analysis

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