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Why Would You Choose IMMI over CadnaA?

By Aidan Hubbard, Sales Director

AcSoft have been the proud exclusive distributors of IMMI noise software now for a number of years. This has allowed us to speak with consultants on another level, rather than just discussing hardware such as sound level meters.

It’s amazing to me how many people use CadnaA in the UK, and of course it’s a good piece of software making it an obvious and good choice for the user. But what makes IMMI different and how/why are we now switching people from CadnaA to IMMI?

Here is what I have found using 3 simple points: Maintenance, Support and Price

  1. Maintenance: This is the first thing that consultants tell me they hate about CadnaA, the fees for renewal and maintenance is high. We address this with IMMI as we offer far more competitive rates with maintenance including training as part of any system renewal.
  2. Support: Consultants need to know that they have help on the end of the phone should they need assistance. Our support network combining AcSoft’s technical support and IMMI directly is quite simply remarkable! This has been a leading reason as to why people are now using IMMI instead of other brands.
  3. Initial system purchase price: This isn’t the most important reason for people using IMMI. I’m a strong believer that support trumps points 3 and 1, but this is of course a valid point. IMMI is more cost effective by a large amount to other brands but it doesn’t lack specification and ability. In some areas it’s far superior. We offer free trials of the software for anybody who is willing to give it a try. This also gives you chance to see how good our support is!

Sometimes we are told that its simply “too difficult for us to switch” this is because the consultants in the team are familiar with the system, and it would cost too much to switch over. This I admit is a difficult attitude to overcome, but I never under estimate how quickly an acoustic consultant can pick up a new software. With good support which is cost effective and good value for money, the maintenance and an attractive initial purchase price, there is absolutely no reason why you should try IMMI for free and see what you think!

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