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SV 307A Now Has Type Approval

We are pleased to announce, PTB have awarded type approval to the SV 307A! In March 2022, the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) granted the World’s first Class 1 Sound Level meter with MEMS microphone approval to the SV 307A noise monitor. Making the SV 307A Class 1 Sound Level the world’s first noise monitoring station with type approval.

Type Approval is where by an institute such as PTB tests an instrument against a set of standard tests to ensure that it meets the performance claims of the manufacturer.

The PTB is the National Metrology Institute of Germany providing scientific and technical services. PTB measures with the highest accuracy and reliability.

“No scientific experiment, no industrial process and no movement of goods and goods can do without quantification. Measurement technology and its scientific backbone, metrology, have almost become a matter of course today. But this implicitness of precise and trustworthy measurements has to be worked out; And not just once, but continually – in sync with the ever-increasing accuracy requirements of “metrological customers”. The task of a national metrology institute (NMI) like the PTB is therefore to ensure that it functions constantly, ie a reliable and advanced metrological infrastructure, which satisfies both the demands of science and high-tech industry on the one hand and the everyday boundary conditions of legal metrology on the other. All of these facets are united under the PTB umbrella.”

Here at Svantek we truly believe this marks an important turning point in the history of MEMS microphones in environmental sound monitoring.





SV 307A

The SV 307A has been designed for the permanent noise monitoring in all weather conditions

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