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26 October, 2022

Your Next Portable Sound And Vibration Measurement System

4 Channels of acquisition and real-time analysis, all in a ruggedised IP67 8” tablet PC!

NoisePAD can be an IEC61672-1 sound level meter, ISO 10816 vibration meter, both of those and more. Whether it be for sound power, or building acoustics, machine vibration or balancing, this is an all-in-one, autonomous solution in the palm of your hand.

What can you expect from the NoisePAD:

10+ hours of battery life, meaning utter autonomy

Tacho and trigger inputs, more than just 4 channels!

Windows platform, yes, a PC! Adding your favourite apps is so simple! FTP, remote control, reporting software

USB, HDMI, SIM card slots

Sinus Samurai software offering total modularity and huge scope with module options which include: Sound Power, Sound Intensity, Building Acoustics Building Vibration, Human Vibration, Order Tracking,  Balancing Impulse Hammer FRF generation, and more.

But, as multi-purpose as the NoisePAD is, the majority of NoisePADs we supply are application specific. Therefore we have worked with our component suppliers to create usage specific system packages, including everything you need to get measuring and all at package prices:

Appropriate software modules

The packages we have put together are as follows:

Acoustic starter packageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (1 channel act, SLM, RT, octaves, impulse)
Sensors (1 MM215 microphone, 5m cable, mic holder)
Calibrator SV33B
Vibration PackageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (2 channel act, Transfer FRF, Vibration Meter, inc. option Rotational Analysis)
Sensors (2 DJB A/120, 3m cables)
Building Acoustics PackageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (4 channels act, transfer FRF, octaves, vibration meter, building vibration
Sensors (Sinus seismometer with splitter, MM215 microphone, cables x4-4m)
Acoustic Calibrator
Acoustic intensity packageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (4 channels act (being queried), Sound Intensity)
Sensors (MTG SIS190-1/2, HG90 handle and remote, Cables
Acoustic Calibrator
Sound Power PackageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (4 channel act, Live Sound Power, SLM, Octaves)
Sensors (4 x MM 215, mic holders, 10m cables
Balancing PackageNoisePad (tripod, docking, CAMAC connectors)
Samurai (2 channel act, Rotor Balancing)
Sensors (DJB A/120 or A/14 with MIL connect, cables, Hansford mag bases)


You may have other requirements, so please contact us regardless and we will approach your system enquiry the same!


What you can expect from using AcSoft:


We include training for on site for up to 8 people.

We have technical support staff who pick the phone up and call you back.

We have our own calibration laboratory. We calibrate these devices at lower cost and  at faster turnaround times because we don’t have to return equipment to the manufacturer!


Minimal licensing costs – very low cost of ownership with no tie-ins to contract terms or subscriptions.
The licence is perpetual. Updates and improvements are always ongoing, even though the software is very mature.  Only on major releases would an update cost apply.





Minimal size and weight make the NoisePAD a perfect fit for multichannel acquisition mobile applications

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