Svantek UK
22 July, 2013

noiseLab Express Special Offer

noiseLab Express is an amazing software recording and analysis package for making Class 1 precision measurements to international standards.

noiseLAB Express may be the entry level product of the noiseLAB family from Delta but it still gives incredible functionality including 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis to class 1 standards, FFT analysis down to 10 Hz resolution, Sound Level Analysis (Fast, Slow and 1 second Leq) and much more.

noiseLab Express uses the audio files from your sound level meter so we’re giving away this great bit of software with any purchase of a Svantek SLM with audio recording. Audio recording comes as standard on the SVAN 979 and is an option on the SVAN 971 and SVAN 977.

When you place your next order for one of these instruments with audio record then just ask us for your free copy of noiseLab Express!


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