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Noise Dosimetry Case Study

At Svantek UK we work with lots of consultancies to help secure them the best in health and safety instrumentation.

For consultancy X, it was the Supervisor software that made the decision simple. Supervisor has a check system that allows you to go through the measurements and easily check if the events causing high noise are ‘real’.

Over the years and with many hours of research, we discovered that many noise measurements give ‘false readings’. This could be as simple as factory workers leaving a noise dosimeter on during a lunch break and taking a trip to the shop. This of course shouldn’t go towards any dose measurement. Ultimately this results in the factory supervisor not getting the full amount of work out of their staff.

Consultancy X was asked by a client to take measurements to check that the current noise dosimeters on site were measuring correctly and to see if there was anything they could do that would allow them to extend working periods.

supervisor - validation tool
Through the validation tool on Supervisor you are able to use the configurator to add in and take out data based on client requirements

The checking system was used on several measurements throughout the factory, and it was determined that 25% of the energy created by the noise was “not on the job” and could be removed from the final dose measurement.

Validation Tool
Through the use of the validation tool, Supervisor is able to provide you with possible anomalies within the data. You are then able to delete the anomalies if required or add in block markers. 

Svantek UK then delivered multiple SV 104A K packs with docking stations into the factory with a new process of checking the data.  Full training was provided by Svantek UK so that the checking process could be completed in a few minutes and that multiple staff in the health and safety department could use the software.

The new systems and acoustic advise has resulted in a 28% saving of worker time and has dramatically increased the work output of the factory. This has led to better profits safer working environments for the staff.

hearing protectors
Based on the client’s current hearing protection when carrying out their duties, the software is able to give guidance on whether the protection 

The Svantek SV 104A noise dosimeter is a smart choice for acoustic consultancies across the world. There are some key unique features that attract noise professionals to this instrument, which include the following:

A lifetime warranty microphone system, which is perfect for instruments exposed to robust environments

Auto mode – just out the instrument on and take it off at the end of the day

Supervisor software, free with all Svantek instruments


Supervisor provides options to tailor your report based on task based, job based and full day measurements

For more information on how the SV 104A could work for you, or to discuss any of our health and safety products. Please get in touch.


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