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Noise and Air Quality Prediction Software

IMMI can support you in any aspect concerning noise immission control.

Depending on the type of noise and legal requirements, the calculation is based on the relevant dispersion model. You will be supported by individual programme functions according to your application. You can use IMMI for the following:

Industrial and Commercial Noise

IMMI facilitates the implementation of all current standards such as ISO 9613-2 or CNOSSOS-EUAs different as the existing industries in our world are, as diverse are the noise sources that can result from them. Building services installations, car parks, loading processes, industrial plants, wind energy plants, public traffic, public address systems – the list can be extended ad infinitum. For almost all noise sources, IMMI offers supporting functions and tools to facilitate modelling. The user interface allows even the inexperienced user to model different noise situations, from issues around neighbourhood noise to the creation of noise maps of large industrial plants.

Traffic and Rail Noise

IMMI is ideally suited for the calculation of traffic noise according to national standards and is convenient to use for structural planning according to EU-Directive 2002/49/EC – CNOSSOS-EU

Probably no other type of noise affects as many people as traffic noise, especially road traffic noise. The extent of the noise sources and the fact that the guideline values are on average 5 dB higher than for industrial noise in specific countries means that traffic routes have a large radius of impact.
Whether road, rail or waterway, we have mastered all traffic routes and this for almost all country-specific regulations.
Especially in the planning of new traffic routes, IMMI can demonstrate its strengths: the fast calculation of large-scale models, the comparison of different variants, the input assistance for emission values or the automated height calculation of noise barriers – to name only a few advantages.

Noise in Working Areas

IMMI allows for the calculation of noise in work places and supports room acoustic design according to DIN 18041

The physiological and psychological impact of noise at work is one of the major causes of occupational illnesses. This makes the targeted planning of noise reduction measures in the planning phase of working rooms all the more important.
Our Indoor Noise Module, which is available to all IMMI users free of charge, supports you in this area. As an addition to the geometric sound propagation model, you receive an easy-to-use tool for room acoustic design based on DIN 18041.
The module is ideally suited for the analysis of the noise situation in factory buildings and for the determination of the sound propagation (SAK) according to VDI 3760.

Noise Mapping

Noise mapping according Directive (EU) 2021/1226 for road traffic noise, railway noise, industrial noise and aircraft noise (CNOSSOS-EU)
The issue of noise emissions and immissions plays an important role in urban planning processes. You can use IMMI’s full range of features for corresponding investigations: the import of GIS data sets, automated segmented calculation in the network, the creation of calculation lists for comparison of different variants or exposure analyses.

Air Pollutants

With the pollutant module, you can calculate the dispersion of gases, dusts and odours in a quality-assured, compliant and smooth manner.

Air quality is directly related to human well-being. Despite positive trends, some air pollutants such as NO2 and PM10 still exceed the applicable limit values for the protection of human health. This makes it all the more important to have a reliable tool for modelling air pollutant distributions in order to calculate the dispersion of gases, odours and dusts.
To find out more about how IMMI could work for you and to get a free trial of the software, contact us.




Precise and efficient software for noise prediction and dispersion of air pollutants

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